Sail Video System v PRO (3rd Person View & Snorri Rig)

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The perfect rig to capture body-mounted shots such as the snorri view and 3rd person perspective! Great for action cams and lighter mirrorless dslrs.

The 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO has been developed for the serious filmmaker; Documentary DSLR or 360Video Producers who need the maximum stability and versatility to set up their body-worn camera shot.

This setup has the newly developed backplate, which is a lot wider, and wraps more around the body of the person wearing it. It also has 2 non Flexible belts (that go over the elastic velcro belt). In combination with the stabilizer straps you will have a body-worn camera mount that will support cameras up to 2 Kilo and will also work with DSLR and  360Video cameras.